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Route Guide

This route runs along the water mirror of Lake Albano and can be traveled by bicycle. The entire ring measures about 11 km and is an easy walk, thanks to the practically non-existent altitude difference. The very first part of the itinerary is asphalted, but soon gives way to a real path that could be a bit muddy on rainy days. You will cycle through a dense forest that reaches the shores of the lake. In several points you can go down to the height of the water which is incredibly blue and clear. In addition, you can stop and relax with your feet in the water.

Did you know?

In 398 BC, during the siege of Veii, the Romans, to regulate the water level of Lake Albano, dug a tunnel in the living rock for a kilometer and a half: the emissary, still visible today, is a great engineering work hydraulics.


  • Suitable for everyone
  • Discover the beauty of the Lake Albano
  • Dive in or cool off in Lake Albano
  • Plenty of parking options with our Bike Chain and facilities
  • Pedal at your own pace


  • In case of rain in the previous days, it is possible to cycle on muddy paths
  • At a certain point you will find a gate, we advise you to go sideways and carry the bicycle by hand

Multi-Stop Route (if you can't use GPX track)

Castel Gandolfo Bike Point – vedi su Google Map
Swimming in the lake on the rocks – vedi su Google Map
Castel Gandolfo Bike Point – vedi su Google Map