Terms and Conditions – REGULATIONS RENTAL



Renting and using of the bike with assisted pedal, presume the unconditional acceptance from the user Of this regulations and the rates created by Sgb Noleggio srl based in via vittore carpaccio 60, 00147 Roma (RM), P.iva 14329241005, operative through the Affiliate E-bike Rental Point .
1) User agrees to return the bike and all rented material in perfect condition and operation. Any damage must be reported by the end of the rental.
2) To rent a bike with assisted pedal the user will need to show an identity document with current validity, as well as make the payment required and leave a security deposit of €200 in cash or with a pre-authorization has a guarantee made on a valid credit card of the accountholder of this contract.
3) Those who intend to ride it are assumed to have adequate physical fitness and technical expertise. Therefore the user by renting the bicycle declares to be endowed with adequate capacity and appropriate competence, without placing any reserve. In case of use by a minor, the parent / trustee or guardian of the minor assumes all the responsibilities indicated in the present contract and by the civil code, and consequently authorizes the minor to use the bicycle under the conditions provided through this regulation.
4) The bicycle is to be used only as transportation. Please use common sense and diligence, in order to avoid damages both to the bike and to the relative accessories. It is forbidden to use the bicycle for Commercial use neither is possible to cede it to third part.
5) User is responsible for the electric bicycle until the return to the Manager; is also responsable for any damages Caused to himself, to the bicycle, to third part while using the bicycle. No type of compensation can be requested to the Manager
6) User has to comply with the rules of the Traffic Laws. The Manager declines any Responsability in case of improprer using of the bicycle or in case of lack of respect of Traffic laws
7) The Manager can check Users while using the bicycles and ask to return it in case of Improper use of the vehicle. Manager can also refuse the rental to people under the influence of alcohol or drugs (pursuant to Articles 186-187 of the Traffic Law) and for others reasons at the discretion of the Manager himself.
8) In case of loss of the keys, the bike accessories or any damages, the Manager will require the Client to pay the Necessary amount to restore the bicycle to original status, following what is indicated on this contract or, in the absence of the price list, in the supplier’s estimate.
9) The bicycle must to be returned, following the times indicated in this contract, in the same place where it was rented. Bicycle will be considered returned only if Will be restituted at the Point with the counter-signature of the return on the contract; can’t be cosnidered returned in case of parking it outside the rental shop during the closing time. Failure to return the bike without prior notice or otherwise not motivated by exceptional cases will be considered as a crime of theft and therefore reported to the judicial authorities.
10) The Manager: it is not required to intervene, so the failure to intervene can not be the cause of breach of contract. It is in interest of the Manager to collect the bicycle, and only temporary contingencies may make the intervention impossible.
11) User has to pay before the renting and possible damages will be payed at the official Rental Point or at the affiliated facility.
12) Renter declares to not be affected by any illiness or disorders that are incompatible with the use of the rented property and to be in good health. The rental company is exonerated from any liability with respect to statements health status that is false or not in accordance with the true returns made by the renter on his state of health.
13) In case of theft of the electric bicycle, User will need to inform the Manager using the contact information on the website www.bicycl-e.com or on the explanation form that you will find inside the backpack. Although not mentioned in this regulation, the relationship between the parties (contractors) is governed by the provisions of the civil code. For any controversy that arises between the Parties, the competent court is that of Rome.

14) Cancellation Policy


  • Free cancellation up to 48 hours before the start of the experience (Rental or Tours): 100% refund.
  • No refund within 48 hours of the start of the experience: 0% refund.