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Route Guide

This tour starts on a path and leads us to admire one of the panoramic points of the Castelli Romani, the "pentima della vecchiaccia" Leaving the CAI path, take the cobblestone road that takes us to the historic center of Castel Gandolfo where, then going down and covering a few meters of road, paying attention you get to take the cycle path (former railway) that connects Castel Gandolfo to Albano Lazio. From Albano Laziale, crossing the urban context, it reaches via Appia up to Genzano Di Roma, where it then continues to return to the Bio District of the Roman Park. The itinerary includes path, historical centers and urban contexts. The route is about 17.5 km long and has about 250 meters in altitude.

Did you know?

Pentima "has the meaning of" cliff "and derives from the Latin" pentoma ", or" rocky boulder ". This is exactly what it is: a spur of rock that stands out among the vegetation, offering a breathtaking view. This place has a very special history. Legend has it that in ancient times an old lady accused of witchcraft committed suicide by throwing herself off this precipice, it seems that even today her voice can be heard calling from below inviting visitors to throw themselves in turn. Near the Pentima there are often blasphemous writings and mysterious symbols drawn on the rocks


  • Suitable for people with a minimum of training
  • Admire the panoramic views from Pentima della Vecchiaccia and Castel Gandolfo
  • Pedal at your own pace


  • Some sections are on roads open to car traffic

Multi-Stop Route (if you can't use GPX track)

Fontan Tempesta – vedi su Google Map
Pentima della Vecchiaccia – vedi su Google Map
Palazzo Pontificio – vedi su Google Map
Belvedere Castel Gandolfo – vedi su Google Map
Albano Laziale – vedi su Google Map
Ariccia – vedi su Google Map
Parco Romano Bike Point – vedi su Google Map