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Route Guide

Are you looking for something unusual, suggestive and even a little poetic in the Eternal City? The Coppedé district in Rome has all the features you are looking for! Spend a few hours away from the chaos of the city. Start pedaling inside the Villa Borghese, walk around this beautiful place at your own pace, breathing clean air and observing some unique monuments of their kind such as: the Water Clock, the Temple of Aesculapius and the Borghese Gallery. Then head to the Coppedé district, bizarre and even a little mysterious, so full of unexpected details that it almost seems out of a storyteller's imagination. And finally, extend the tour to Villa Torlonia, a beautiful and verdant park that is perfect for a quiet stroll under the Roman sun. Here there are also various points of interest, and one is certainly the Casina delle Civette!

Did you know?

It is difficult to state precisely which is the dominant style of the Coppedè district in Rome. A lot of Liberty (of which Coppedè was a master) and a bit of Art Decò, brushstrokes of neo-Gothic, a touch of modernism but also of Middle Eastern and medieval, the kitsch certainly is not lacking ... it is a mixture that escapes any label and which makes this district of Rome even more interesting and mysterious. In the tiny neighborhood, contradictory elements come together but juxtaposed with a strange and pleasant harmony; the paintings are baroque, the materials typical of old Rome such as tuff or travertine, strange images, sometimes frightening, esoteric and Masonic symbols, or just very inaccessible to a distracted eye.


  • Suitable for people used to pedaling on roads open to road traffic
  • Discover the Coppedé district, a place off the beaten track
  • Enjoy the tranquility of the Villa Borghese
  • Plenty of parking options with our Bike Chain and facilities
  • Pedal at your own pace


  • Some of the climbs on the longer route may be difficult for young children. We recommend that you bring the bikes by hand
  • Some roads are open to car traffic

Multi-Stop Route (if you can't use GPX track)

Bicycl-e Lungotevere Bike Point – vedi su Google Map
Tempio di Esculapio – vedi su Google Map
Orologio ad acqua del Pincio – vedi su Google Map
Terrazza del Pincio – vedi su Google Map
Galleria Borghese – vedi su Google Map
Quartiere Coppedè – vedi su Google Map
Casina delle Civette – Musei di Villa Torlonia – vedi su Google Map
Bicycl-e Lungotevere Bike Point – vedi su Google Map